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June 22, 2024

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December 28, 2000
Discorporate Music has partnered with The Sigil.com. In exchange for promotion on the Discorporate Music site, the The Sigil.com will carry all Discorporate Music releases. You can now safely and securely order any Discorporate Music title from The Sigil.com using your credit card. So if you've been holding out on buying Cephalectomy, Dichotic or Civil Carnage CDs because you couldn't use your credit card to order, you have no more excuses.

December 8, 2000
Founding member of Cephalectomy, Corey Andrews, conducted an interview with deathgrind.com. Check it out. Also, Cephalectomy has been climbing the charts on MP3.com. One of their songs is in the top 10 on the death metal charts. Help them reach #1.

Also, Hellacaust and Solemn Passing will round out the lineup for the show on December 16th in Halifax at the Pavilion.

November 30th, 2000
The city of Halifax is cracking down on postering. Apparently, the cry-babies don't like it when bands and other telephone poll spammers try to promote their event using the only feasible and most effective method possible. Postering in Halifax can now earn you a $100 fine. Click here for the article in The Chronicle Herald (a Halifax newspaper).

November 29th, 2000
Sign Of Chaos is now available. You can order your copy of the new Cephalectomy disc at the continued (until December 31st) special discount rate of $12 US ($15 CDN); shipping and handling are included.

Special thanks are extended to Francois Launet (Goomi Studio) for his artwork contribution, producer Andrew Davidson, members of Dichotic and members of Cephalectomy for their hard work and extreme patience.

November 25th, 2000
Confirmed: Dichotic, Terratomb and KAOS (from New Brunswick) will play at the Pavilion along with two or three other local metal acts (yet to be officially announced) on December 16th. No start time has been decided upon at this time.

Sign Of Chaos, the new release by Cephalectomy will definitely by ready for release on December 1st. You can still pre-order the CD for $12 US or $15 CDN (shipping included) if you send for the disc before November 30th.

November 4th, 2000
The Cephalectomy master disc and original artwork have been sent to the manufacturer. The final product should be completed and ready to ship within 4-5 weeks. The waiting will soon be over.

September 30th, 2000
There's another show to announce. Dichotic will play on Saturday, October 28th with Burning Moon, Hellacaust and Pretty Noise at the Pavilion all-ages club in Halifax. It should be the typical situation: show starts at 8PM and admission will be $6 ($5 with a Pavilion concert listing). Given the show's proximity to Halloween, you can expect an extra level of zaniness from everyone involved. Also, local speed metallers Terratomb are playing at Cafe Mokka (in Halifax) later that same evening. The real hardcores will attend both shows.

September 20th, 2000
Dichotic is pleased to announce that they will participate in the 7th annual Gobblefest festival on Friday, October 6th in Sydney, Nova Scotia. It will be Dichotic's first ever appearance in the Cape Breton region. The details are still being worked out, but Dichotic will likely headline with Terratomb and a few other bands yet to be revealed. Currently, Dichotic is working on new material for what will be their third release (yikes!). The CD will be ready in the latter half of 2001 if all goes well.

Meanwhile, label mates Cephalectomy are very close to finishing work on their debut CD. Only the artwork and multimedia stuff remains to be finalized. As usual, it's the non-music related content that is holding things up. Not to worry though, the CD will be released soon enough.

August 17th, 2000
Cephalectomy.com is now live!

August 14th, 2000
Cephalectomy will unveil their new domain Cephalectomy.com later this week. A redesign of the current Cephalectomy site is expected to follow shortly thereafter. The acquisition of their own domain will permit Cephalectomy to post news more regularly than they are currently able to. The band has almost completed the mix for Sign Of Chaos. A September release date is anticipated.

August 3th, 2000
Dichotic will play again on Saturday, August 26th at Halifax's only all-ages club, the Pavilion, at 8PM. The lineup will feature:

  • Terratomb (Halifax's hardest working band)
  • Dichotic (duh!)
  • Subservient (Chester, NS)
  • Cradle (Caledonia, NS)

Admission is $6 or $5 with a Pavilion concert listing.

Cephalectomy continues to re-mix the music for their upcoming CD Sign Of Chaos. A September release is expected.

June 16th, 2000
Rough mixes of two of the tracks from Cephalectomy's debut release Sign Of Chaos are now available from MP3.com. Fans of the band are well-advised to check out the new material.

Work is progressing (slowly) to complete the Cephalectomy CD. The first two mixes were not acceptable, so Cephalectomy will spend the rest of the summer re-mixing the tracks. If all goes well, Sign Of Chaos could be available by September or October.

In other news, Dichotic has been writing new material. Two new songs have pretty much been completed, and a third song is under development. Therefore, it is possible that there may yet be one more Dichotic CD to grace the shelves of your favourite second-hand music store.

May 18, 2000
Here is a quick update on the upcoming Halifax Metalfest: The show is scheduled for Friday, May 26th. It starts at 7:30 PM, and admission is $6. See you there...

May 7, 2000
It's that time of year again. Metalfest is upon us. This year's show features Dichotic, Terratomb, Burning Moon (just re-formed, first show since October'99), Subservient and Malpractice. Come to the Pavilion (in Halifax) on Friday, May 26th to check out the music. No pricing information or start time has been announced for the show at this time. For more details, consult the Pavilion concert listings which can be found at various retail outlets in Halifax.

April 4, 2000
ScoopThis, a pop-culture satire and commentary magazine, has nominated Dichotic in two categories for its Worst Band On The Net Awards. Dichotic is in the running to win both "Worst Band" and "Worst Song (Music)" categories.

Dichotic guitarist Richard Guy admitted, "Actually, that's my fault" while drummer Neil Grandy was quoted as saying "What the fuck is this (ed.) for?". All in all, the band is quite proud of their accomplishment, and invites everyone to vote for their cause. Please visit the ScoopThis site for further details.

April 2, 2000
Dichotic is headed for Rimouski, Québec on April 29th to play a show with Neoblast recording artist Neuraxis and three other Québec-based acts: Remembrance, Utopy and Disconcert. The show is to be held in the basement of a church (blasphemy!) called Salle Paroisiale (the basement), St-Pie-X (the church). Admission is $7, and the ceremony will commence at 7 PM. Special thanks goes to Felix Théberge of Utopy and Rimouskore for organizing this event.

March 13, 2000
Cephalectomy has finished mixing all tracks for their upcoming release Sign Of Chaos. Final mastering will be conducted over the next few weeks, and once the rest of the details (artwork, money, etc.) have been concluded, the discs should be ready to press. The final release promises to feature a mixture of death/grind/black metal super-imposed with insanely stupid vocals.

March 6, 2000
This is kind of short notice, but we have just received news that Dichotic is scheduled to play with Terratomb, Morbid Instinct and Overkill (not the popular '80s U.S. thrash metal band) on March 12th at the Pavilion (where else?) in Halifax. The show begins at 8 PM, and it only costs $5 ($4 if you have a Pavilion concert listing). Please attend to support the scene if for no other good reason.

February 28, 2000
Cephalectomy has finished recording all tracks for their upcoming release Sign Of Chaos. They will re-enter the studio in early March to mix.

February 21, 2000
Cephalectomy commenced with studio sessions for their debut release Sign Of Chaos this past weekend. The initial results have been quite successful. Bed tracks for drums, rhythm guitars and bass have been completed. This weekend, final guitar tracks will be added, and the band will start recording vocals. The project should be fully recorded and mixed by the end of March. Stay tuned for further details.

February 6, 2000
Cephalectomy's recording schedule has been advanced three weeks (previously March 10th). Recording for Sign Of Chaos, their debut release on Discorporate Music, will commence on February 18th at Deep 9 Studio in Halifax.

February 3, 2000
discorporatemusic.com is born. Please modify your links and bookmarks to the Discorporate Music site. All email correspondance with this label can now be conducted through discm@discorporatemusic.com.

February 1, 2000
The secure online ordering site courtesy of Digital Death Records and Chaos Market Music is up and running again. It had been out of commission of an indefinite period of time. Once again, you can order Discorporate Music releases using your credit card by visiting our order page. Dichotic's new CD Lowest Common Denominator will be integrated into the Digital Death online ordering system within the next few weeks.

There is a copy of Civil Carnage's Abomination In The House Of God up for grabs in this month's contest. A new review by Brendan Sheldrick (author of a yet-to-be-determined Australian metal zine) for the Civil Carnage CD has also been added to the Civil Carnage Reviews page.

Once again, Dichotic is playing in Halifax on February 11th. As if you needed the reminder...

January 29, 2000
Cephalectomy will begin recording their debut CD (tentatively titled "Sign Of Chaos") for Discorporate Music at Halifax's Deep 9 Studio with producer Andrew Davidson on March 10th.

The Dichotic show on February 11th will feature Falling Short, Terratomb and Subservient. The doors at the Halifax Pavilion open at 8 PM. Admission is $8 ($6 with a Pavilion concert listing).

January 16, 2000
Well, the first news of the new millenium is good news. Dichotic has received a great review from Canada's most revered underground metal e-zine Chronicles Of Chaos. Check it out for yourself by clicking here. Now, there is no doubt. Dichotic is good. If you are too cheap to buy "Lowest Common Denominator", you can always try to win a copy of the CD. Otherwise, please refer to the Dichotic band information page on this site for ordering details.

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