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June 22, 2024

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December 19, 1999
The Dichotic show originally announced for February 4th has been rescheduled for February 11th. This change in the date was made to accomodate Halifax punk/hardcore freaks Falling Short. Given the cross-genre nature of the show, it should make for an interesting evening. Local metal gods Terratomb are also likely candidates to play that night. Another band or two will likely be added to the bill in due course. Please refer to this site or the official Dichotic Web site for details as they develop.

December 13, 1999
As a special monthly promotion, Discorporate Music has a contest from which you can win a free CD. Simply submit your name and email address using the contest form, and you will become eligible to win a free CD from Discorporate Music. The draw for the CD will be held at the end of each month. A new draw is conducted every month and will only include entries submitted for the particular month in question. Therefore, visit this site often to increase your chances of winning. Please note: Multiple submissions by the same person are only counted as one entry for that person in any given month.

December 12, 1999
Long time no news...

Well, here's the latest: Dichotic has tentatively scheduled what will be their first show in nine months for Friday, February 4th at the Pavilion all-ages club in Halifax. Please check the official Dichotic Web site for when this show has actually been confirmed. Nonetheless, the band will resume full rehearsals before year's end and live performances will commence shortly thereafter.

Death/black metal dark lords Cephalectomy expect to begin recording their debut CD for Discorporate Music in March 2000. The band has achieved phenomenal success on MP3.com where downloads of their songs have kept them near the top of the death metal charts. Scary ain't it? Here are the song titles as they now stand for the new CD:

  • Upon Winged Elemental Crests
  • Through the Ethereal Vortex of Archaic Life
  • Dimensional Manifestation of Ashen Forms
  • Spaces between the Realms of Existence
  • Gates to the Spheres of Astral Frost
  • The Ravaged Crimson Fields of Evanescence
  • Phantoms of the fallen ruins of Kia
  • Unto the Darkly Shining Abyss

October 30, 1999
Dichotic's new CD Lowest Common Denominator is now available for $15 US ($17 CDN). Check out the Dichotic page for all the nasty details.

October 5, 1999
Dichotic announces the unveiling of their new domain:


The site will soon be redesigned to reflect their latest CD called Lowest Common Denominator. The CD will be available in late October or early November.

September 8, 1999
Dichotic has finished recording their sophomore CD entitled Lowest Common Denominator. The final touches are being added to the final master CD to make it sound just right. There is plenty of information regarding the new release on the Dichotic page.

Also, Dichotic will appear on the upcoming Neoblast Productions' compilation CD due for release in late November or early December. Other bands featured on the compilation are Deeds Of Flesh, Capharnaum, Terratomb, Anal Blast, Demence and so forth.

August 2, 1999
Time flies when nothing is really happening, doesn't it? Nonetheless, it's about time for an update, so here we go. Dichotic has completed the new material for their latest CD Lowest Common Denominator. There will be 8 new tracks of ridiculously challenging (challenging to listen to and to play) death metal on the CD. Dichotic will re-record one track from their debut album Collapse Into Despair and throw a few other goodies onto the disc as well.

Needless to say, there is much to look forward to on Lowest Common Denominator. Dichotic will be in the studio beginning August 20th and finishing on September 2nd. After the final mastering has been completed, the CD will be released in October or very early November.

Cephalectomy has written new music for their upcoming CD as well. They expect to be ready to record in the early months of year 2000.

Finally, please check out the Distro section if you haven't already. There have been some new editions in the past few weeks.

June 5, 1999
It has been awhile since the last news update. Discorporate Music has just added a "distro" to its repertoire. This distro is simply a list of CDs which have been acquired in trades and all Discorporate Music releases. If you are interested in seeing what is in stock, please check out the Distro section.

Both Dichotic and Cephalectomy continue to write and rehearse new material for their respective forthcoming CDs. Dichotic will enter the recording studio in late August and Cephalectomy will probably begin recording late in 1999 or early in 2000.

May 4, 1999
Thank you to everyone in Rimouski (Felix and crew, Atomic) and in Montreal (Aphasia, Vociferation, Sylvain Houde and Cafe Chaos) for showing Dichotic a good time. Both gigs were a great success. A note to the Rimouski deathsters: Dichotic will return!

April 24, 1999
The show scheduled for Montreal for May 2nd at the Jailhouse Rock has been relocated to Cafe Chaos (also in Montreal). Both Aphasia and Dichotic remain on the bill. Admission is $5, and the show gets underway at 8 PM. See you there.

April 22, 1999
Dichotic plays in Rimouski, Quebec at Atomic on Saturday, May 1st with Insanity. This show is confirmed, and it gets underway around 9:30 PM. Admission is $5.

Also, Metalfest is scheduled for Halifax, Nova Scotia at the Pavilion for May 21st and 22nd. Here is the likely lineup for each night:

May 21st

  • Martyr (Trois-Rivieres)
  • Dichotic (Halifax)
  • Necropolis (Moncton)

May 22nd

  • Gut Shot (Toronto)
  • Aphasia (Montreal)
  • Deadlock (Glace Bay)

A 2-day pass will be available from the Pavilion for $10. Single night admission is tagged at $7 ($6 with coupon). This will be easily the most diverse metal show in Halifax has seen in some time, and five of the six bands are travelling from afar, so make sure you attend and lend your support to the scene. Doors for both shows open at 7:30 PM.

April 7, 1999
The Moncton show originally scheduled for April 17th, has been postponed due to a bungle by club management at the Esquire. Dichotic will likely play in Moncton in late May, but nothing is confirmed (as usual). Also, the Halifax show featuring Jaww, Terratomb and Dichotic commences at 8 PM this Saturday (April 10th). Dichotic is the opening act, so be sure to arrive early. You might get a free sticker depicting the band's new logo. Consider yourself a failure if you choose not to attend on Saturday.

March 29, 1999
Alright, here's the latest on Dichotic's Quebec mini-tour. In all likelihood, there will be two shows: May 1st in Rimouski at Atomic and May 2nd in Montreal at The Jailhouse Rock. No venue could be confirmed for either Quebec City or Sherbrooke. More details will be released as they become available.

In other news, Terratomb (not Existench) will likely be the other band playing with Jaww and Dichotic on April 10th at the Pavilion.

March 25, 1999
Live at the Pavilion on April 10th:

  • Jaww (from Toronto)
  • Dichotic
  • Existench (maybe)

Jaww features former Entrafis drummer Sean Verabioff. They are solid players, and they deserve your attention. As for Dichotic, it will be a good tune-up for their upcoming mini-tour of Quebec. Come on out to the show if you can.

Mortal Incantation has been named as the official replacement band for Terratomb on May 2nd in Montreal.

March 22, 1999
Here is the proposed venue and lineup for Dichotic's show in Rimouski on April 30th:

  • Neuraxis (Montreal)
  • Dichotic (Halifax)
  • Agony (Montreal)
  • Dahmer (Quebec City)

Atomic is said to be the club hosting the event, and tickets are expected to sell for $6 or $7. Keep in mind, this show has not been finalized, but it's close to becoming reality.

Also, due to a scheduling conflict, Dichotic's show in Quebec City on May 1st has tentatively been moved to Sherbrooke. Martyr is the likely playing partner of choice.

March 20, 1999
Terratomb has dropped out of the Montreal show on May 2nd. Another band will be covering the slot left open.

Also in the works, Dichotic will likely play in Quebec City at the Arlequin on May 1st and in Rimouski on April 30th. The Rimouski show is still being organized, but the show in Quebec City is 98% confirmed.

Earth A.D. is the other band confirmed to play with Dichotic and Necropolis in Moncton on April 17th. If you have a chance to catch Dichotic on their brief tour, make sure you do so. Metal shows are tough to get, and the travel time and expenses involved make it impossible to predict whether or not Dichotic will be able to return to play again in the future.

March 13, 1999
Dichotic will appear live in Moncton, NB on April 17th at the Esquire with local speed metal outfit Necropolis and one or two other bands. It should prove interesting. More details will be provided as they become available.

March 10, 1999
The following show has been confirmed:

May 2nd, 8 PM at The Jailhouse Rock in Montreal, PQ

  • Aphasia (black/death from Montreal)
  • Dichotic
  • Ontos On (all-out black metal mayhem from Montreal)
  • Terratomb (chugging death metal from Halifax)

If you're going to be in Montreal around the time of the concert and you have never seen Dichotic play, take this opportunity to see them for yourself. Tickets will sell for $5. Contact The Jailhouse Rock for details--(514) 844-9696.

Dichotic is also attempting to arrange shows for Moncton (NB) and Rimouski (PQ). Stay tuned...

February 22, 1999
The start-time for the Dichotic show on March 5th has been advanced to 7:30 PM.

February 21, 1999
Here is the lineup for the show on March 5th at the Pavilion in Halifax:

  • Dichotic
  • Wohedness (grind from Halifax, NS)
  • Deadlock (grind/death from Sydney, NS)
  • Bravura (metal/punk from Sydney, NS)
  • Virus (strange metal from Halifax, NS)

The show begins at 8 PM sharp, and admission is $6. "AR Billy...'tis Satan-approved."

February 18, 1999
Ho hum...another Dichotic show is just around the corner. Dichotic is gearing up to play at the Pavilion in Halifax on Friday, March 5th. Doors open at 8 PM. Admission is $6 (you can save a buck if you present a Pavilion concert listing at the door). Grind monsters Wohedness are also scheduled to play as well as Virus and one other band TBA. See you there...

Finally, Dichotic now has Collapse Into Despair t-shirts available for sale. All shirts are black with the cover art on the front and the album title printed on the backside. XL sizes only--$10 US or $15 CDN (see the Dichotic section of this site for shipping and handling charges).

January 30, 1999
The Civil Carnage's Abomination in the House of God is now available for public consumption. Copies are available for $15 Canadian ($10 US) each from Lost In The Fog Records. Support underground music, and check this CD out for yourself.

January 23, 1999
"The Battle of the Bands" is scheduled for February 5th at the Bike Shop Lounge in Halifax. It will be an all METAL affair. Bands likely to make an appearance are Dichotic, Terratomb, Burning Moon and Wohedness. If there are any other metal-oriented bands in Halifax interested in playing, please contact Discorporate Music via this Web site or Randy from Mutants On Parade--Halifax's only metal radio show on CKDU 97.5 FM. Unfortunately, the show is not an all-ages event as the Bike Shop Lounge is a licensed establishment. Sorry kiddies.

January 17, 1999
An MP3 file of the song "Priest" taken from the upcoming Civil Carnage CD is now available for download. Watch for the album to be released within the next three weeks.

January 14, 1999
The Civil Carnage master CD will be completed this weekend, and an MP3 from their upcoming album entitled Abomination In The House of God will be available for all to hear on January 17th. The finished product will be in hand by the first week of February. This schedule (unlike previous ones) is ironclad and not subject to change.

Also, Discorporate Music and Cephalectomy have reached a tentative agreement to work together on a future project. Cephalectomy can be best described as "Nova Scotian hyperblast".

January 9, 1999
Digital Death Records is the exclusive distributor of Discorporate Music in Australia. Working hand-in-hand with Chaos Music Market (also of Australia), it is now possible to order Dichotic's Collapse Into Despair via a secure online transaction using your credit card. Future Discorporate Music titles will most likely receive similar treatment.

Speaking of future releases, Civil Carnage's debut CD should be ready by late January depending on how the "final" mix sounds tomorrow. If the mix is solid, expect a late January release. If some remixing is in order, start looking at February. The promised sound clip from the Civil Carnage CD will be online as soon as the mix is deemed to be acceptable.

January 5, 1999

Confirmed: Appearing at the Pavilion in Halifax on January 29th--Dichotic, Existench and Terratomb. The show commences at 8 PM and costs $6 at the door ($5 if you present a Pavilion concert listing). Be there.

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