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April 24, 2024

Civil Carnage

Somewhere on the festering flood plains of Shubenacadie, Nova Scotia, the forces of death metal, punk and speed metal were fused into a mighty sword wielded by the evil entity known as Civil Carnage. Their music is delivered in a gargantuan, straight-to-the-point, brutal onslaught that pummels all non-believers into submission. Civil Carnage crafted one blasphemous release entitled before their demise. Mere mortals were left shuddering at the thought of what this could represent for human kind.


Civil Carnage: Abomination In The House Of God
Abomination In The House Of God ©1999


Track Listing
- Civil Carnage
- Priest
- Confusion
- Abomination in the House of God
- Barriers of Freedom
- R.I.H.
- Pountang
- Primal Underground
- Beastfuck
- Loveless
- Apocalypse
- Mindset
- 12 Beer and an STD

Civil Carnage was comprised of four well-groomed individuals known as:

Pat Storer - Guitarz, Keys & Darkening Skies
Keith Connel - Vocal Scarrings & Enforcer
Chris MacInnis - Low End Emanations
Caley Zawadzki ("The Polish Prince") - Percussive Vengeance

Select and Dismember
Select and Dismember : Annihilation Foretold
Annihilation Foretold

Cephalectomy : The Dream Cycle Mythos
The Dream Cycle Mythos

Cephalectomy/Bound In Human Flesh
Cephalectomy/Bound In Human Flesh : Split CD
Split CD

Cephalectomy: Eclipsing The Dawn
Eclipsing The Dawn

Fear Absolute
Fear Absolute: Apprehension

Dichotic: seen one, seen 'em all
seen one, seen'em all

Cephalectomy: Sign Of Chaos
Sign Of Chaos

Dichotic: Lowest Common Denominator
Lowest Common Denominator

Civil Carnage
Civil Carnage: Abomination In The House Of God
Abomination In The House Of God

Dichotic: Collapse Into Despair
Collapse Into Despair