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May 26, 2024

Civil Carnage "Abomination In The House Of God" Reviews

Civil Carnage - Abomination In the House of God
Discorporate Music (1999)

"Ouch. This disc is out to wreak some serious eardrum damage. To grasp Civil Carnage you've got to imagine taking the sewer growls of Mortician style death metal and adding it to a freaked out and frenzied musical assault that has flavors of everything from hardcore to noise rock to grind to death. Especially death. At first listen you might even think this as nothing more than "yet another" death metal album, but upon closer inspection you'll hear that there is a lot more than that going on. The band are striving for something more from their sound. Most of the time they succeed. There are a couple of awkward moments where things seem to deteriorate into confusion but those times are limited and don't really detract from the overall delivery on the album. Most of the time they generate a forceful barrage of grinding mayhem that has enough brutality to make it good and enough diversity to keep it interesting. Not to mention the jazz piano."

- Jed Branin, The Crass Menagerie

Civil Carnage - Abomination In the House of God
Discorporate Music (1999)

Ok, my head has just been kicked inside out. The fish are belly up and the cat is bleeding from the left ear. This is possibly the deepest vocals I have ever heard. Civil Carnage are fucking heavy, but, at the same time they're not afraid to be melodic. Punk?, definitely not! Metal? Fuck yes!!!!!!!!

- Brendan Sheldrick, "Nameless Numberhead Man"

Civil Carnage - Abomination In the House of God
Discorporate Music (1999)

"Let us take a look at Canadian death-metal these days. We've got two big names that I know right offhand and I know you guys do, too. Gorguts and Crytopsy. Lets start with Gorguts. 10 years and counting has seen these guys get record deals with some very big names, have their discs deleted from inventory, yet still stay on top. Now we have Crytopsy. Demos and two early releases lit the way for these guys to release a highly-acclaimed import album, and then they get inked to Century Media. What does this tell you? Canada is one happenin' place. Lets take a look at Civil Carnage, now. Cool artwork for one. The music is kind of Gorguts stylin' to me. Very technical and crushing. They are not as "out there" as Gorguts is, but these guys hold their own. Here I am on track 2 thinking of what to write, and they go into an acoustical part. Holy crap. I like this if not just for that part. The vocals are totally demonic. Very throaty. They almost remind me of Dying Fetus if their vocals weren't as deep. There you go. Dying Fetus and Gorguts, from Canada, ready to rip your head."

- Rob Kossayian, LoudNet

Civil Carnage - Abomination In the House of God
Discorporate Music (1999)

"Something tells me that this band has it's roots in punk rock??? I don't know why I came to such a conclusion, but I believe I'm right anyway. Abomination In the House of God is, no doubts, a well-crafted CD (although the drum sound sucks really bad!), presenting us powerful grind / death metal with extremely low-pitched, malicious vokills, unusually melodic sometimes. Most of tracks are done in the same vein, so it seems to be useless to mark out any of them, however I feel I can't pass "Mindset" which is an absolutely amazing instrumental track, arranged as a neo-classical piece! "12 Beer And An STD" (what the hell is 'STD'?) also stands out of the whole CD somehow? It's almost a rock'n'rollish (!) piece, however, somewhere in the mid of it we have (surprise, surprise!) rap-alike vocals and I'm strongly convinced that this is not the kind of thing they should do. Anyway, those who are into atmospheric though ripping death metal with variety MUST have it."

- Herr Stalhammar, Vae Solis Web 'zine

Civil Carnage

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