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July 23, 2024

Select and Dismember "Annihilation Foretold" Reviews

Select and Dismember "Annihilation Foretold"
Discorporate Music (2012)

The eerie intro sample hums in. Normally, one would expect this to (un)ease its way for a minute or so. Then it would mount to a line of movie dialogue that solidifys the "sh*t-hitting-the-fan" moment before all Hell breaks loose. Right? All you get is a full five seconds to prepare yourself before Residual Individual is chop-chop-chopping away at you like an octo-armed beast with a plethora of rusty hatchets. So, naturally, next would come the scene where the victim narrowly escapes death and gets to catch his/her breath in a nearby barn. Right? You've seen too many films, my friend. In sheer contmept of this stereotypical nature, Res-Individual part deux promptly pops out of the woodwork and drives two of those hatchets into your face (See what I did there?). This is only one fourth of the arsenal you're up against. After six more of these, you'll be running into Freddy Kruegger's arms for protection. Hailing/impaling from Halifax NS (a.k.a. Hell City) SELECT AND DISMEMBER drop their debut grindsterpiece like an H-bomb on a sleepy pub scene. Not without melody; but heavy on the killing capacity, Annihilation Foretold rips a new arse to the unsuspecting sceptic. Like fellow Maritime marauders Hate Division, the S&D lads are socially and politically soured. There's as much nihilistic distaste for humanity as there is Origin-based blastphemy being hammered out. Guitarists Chris O'Neil and Ryan Hand (of doom) strike chords of dystopic beauty, all the while carpetbombing this release with shreddery. The merciless brutal pace is held up flawlessly by the bass (smash-to-the-face) and drum (machine-gun-up-your-bum) team of Mark Hooper and Corey Andrews. Vokillist/provocalist Raland Kinley never speaks a word until after gargling battery acid and roofing nails. So when you see mic-in-hand, you'd better be ready for a verbal claymore blast. Traditional brutalists will love the gore spread out across the macabre A Cannibalistic Offering. Vigilante anarchists will swoon for the "take down THE MAN as nastily as you can" vibe offered on all other tracks. And believe me, children, THE MAN is out there. Sitting on a pile of money, pulling strings with one hand, pushing buttons with the other. He was perfectly safe and unchallenged in doing so...until now. He just f*cked with the wrong Metal band!
- *Dan Crews, 2012, Metal Nobility

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