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May 26, 2024

Select and Dismember

Download Annihilation Foretold for free!

Select and Dismember: Raland Kinley, Chris O'neill, Mark Hooper, Ryan Hand, Corey Andrews Rising from the ashes of various metal bands and poaching from others, Select and Dismember's primary intention is to play punishing, brutal yet thoughtfully crafted death metal. Select and Dismember formed in March 2009 in Halifax, Nova Scotia (Canada). After 3 years of writing, rehearsing and playing shows, Select and Dismember finally have a recording under their belts. The debut album Annihilation Foretold pulls no punches with its uncompromising death metal attack. Each track will be ear candy for the converted but an all-out aural assault for the uninitiated. These guys are veteran players as the new recording clearly demonstrates.

Drummer Corey Andrews is best known to those who pay attention in the underground metal scene for his masterful work in Cephalectomy. Cephalectomy has five official releases (excluding demos) to its credit. All of which have been warmly received by fans and critics worldwide for more than a decade. Corey was also responsible for all the recording, mixing and mastering work on Annihilation Foretold.

Guitarists Chris O'neill and Ryan Hand have partaken as members of various Halifax metal bands including the still very much active Defective Perception. Having played in bands together for at least the past decade, Chris and Ryan are intimately familiar with each other's playing styles which only enhances their riffing, harmonies and lead work.

Mark Hooper replaced Scott Armstrong (Cephalectomy, Dichotic, Cephalic and Entrafis) on bass in January 2010. Mark is a talented, multi-faceted musician with proven abilities playing guitar, bass and drums. His experience in bands such as Demiurgus and aequanimus give his playing a well-rounded approach and thus quite suited for Select and Dismember.

Rounding out Select and Dismember and coming out of virtual retirement in 2009 is vocalist Raland Kinley. Raland acted as frontman for Dichotic (1997-2001) and has made numerous appearances as a guest vocalist on most Cephalectomy releases. In the past he was a strong promoter of the Halifax metal scene through Discorporate Music and his contributions to the now defunct Maritime Metal message board.


Select and Dismember : Annihilation Foretold
Annihilation Foretold ©2012


  • Residual Individual
  • In Contempt Of Nature (Residual Individual 2)
  • Spawned Creation Manifold [FULL SONG]
  • Might As Well...Got No Choice
  • A Cannibalistic Offering
  • A Vision For The Blind
  • The Myopia Syndrome
  • The Stench Of Aristocracy


Select and Dismember
Select and Dismember : Annihilation Foretold
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