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May 26, 2024

Fear Absolute

Fear Absolute: Dan Rogers, Chris Mercer, Dale Lyons Founded by guitarist/song-writer Dale Lyons in 1999, Fear Absolute hails from Fredericton, New Brunswick and plays truly progressive metal with an aggressive, in-your-face approach. Their music is inspired by the true metal masters of the past and present but draws from a variety of non-metal influences as well. Their delivery is airtight, showcasing Fear Absolute's quality musicianship, discipline, hard work and dedication to their craft. In 2000, the band had its first serious release The Truth. This self-produced effort earned Fear Absolute tremendous respect in the Maritime metal scene and the album went on to sell close to 400 copies. With the arrival of 2002, the band began recording their sophomore release. Discorporate Music quickly signed Fear Absolute based on their live performances and their overall commitment to their music. Finally, on July 11, 2003, Apprehension was unearthed. Shattering everything previously released from the Maritimes, the album features 7 tracks of some of the best-recorded, original-sounding metal music you'll ever hear. Critics and fans alike have been raving incessantly about Apprehension's crystal-clear production and powerful delivery. Once generally over-looked, Fear Absolute has started turning some heads.


Fear Absolute : Apprehension
Apprehension ©2003


  • Apprehension - 6:18
  • Dreamland - 5:50 [FULL SONG]
  • The One You Hate - 13:04
  • All That I Had - 7:57
  • Forgotten - 7:54
  • What Has It Given You - 6:40
  • Absolution - 10:54

Dale Lyons (R) is the only remaining active member in Fear Absolute. He continues to write music and hopes to bring Fear Absolute back to a stage near you. If you are a musician in the Fredericton area and interested in playing with Fear Absolute, please contact Dale through the band's web site.


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Fear Absolute
Fear Absolute: Apprehension

Dichotic: seen one, seen 'em all
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